Freedom.  It’s what we all want.

Freedom from the pain caused by anxiety, stress, depression and tension.

Freedom to relax into our inner peace.



Reiki is a healing modality that can help you get that freedom back.

Your mind, body, emotion and spirit are all connected with a life-force energy.

Reiki will help you open up the energy channels to give you optimum health and inner peace.


If you’re ready to get a closer look at Reiki, I can help you.  As a mom of 4 who felt crushed under the weight of postpartum depression and intense anxiety that came with it, Reiki was one of the key methods to gain control of my life again.

And it can help you too.

We have a Free Facebook Group called Spiritual Balance with a focus on helping women create a clear path to inner peace through Reiki healing, meditation and positive mindset.  We have a spot for you… join us!