10 Best Tips To Stress-Free Decluttering

Mom’s, has clutter taken over your life? Do you ever say to yourself, “clutter stresses me out”? Here are my 10 best tips to stress-free decluttering that will transform your life in 2019.

10 Best tips to Stress-Free Decluttering

Is the house a cluttered mess and your stress level is way up? You’re not alone!

It’s a new year, so why not get started on the right foot! Send that clutter on it’s way – a good declutter to reduce stress is exactly what you need!

Here are my 10 best tips to decluttering your home.

1 Delegate. Delegate decluttering to other people who live with you. Not everyone in your home may be on board with this at first but for you to keep your sanity, prevent trying to declutter an entire home by yourself.

Delegate by breaking up the areas of your home to be handled by different family members. Mom’s, you may be tasked with the living room and kitchen decluttering. Your spouse takes care of decluttering the garage. Your children help declutter the toys. When everyone contributes, it keeps them accountable

2. Get It Out Of The House. After you declutter and have decided what’s going, bag it up and get it out of the house.

Do not keep items in bags lying around the house. Get it out of the house right away. This leads to less temptation of dipping back in the bag for items you’ve already decided have to go.

To save time, before you start decluttering make a list of places to donate your stuff. This way it’s easy to get the items out of the house.

3. Avoid Decluttering Sprints. Why should you avoid decluttering in sprints? Working in short decluttering sprints will burn you out. And when you’re burned out you won’t want do any decluttering and it will feel like a chore. 

Instead… do focused decluttering.  Think of it like “special event tidying,” in which you dedicate all your energy to cleaning your home until the job is done.

4. Avoid Discarding Items Without Thanking Them First. If you follow the Marie Kondo decluttering methods, you’ll hear her say avoid discarding items without thanking them first. Marie says this process fosters an appreciation for the items that makes people less likely to think of their belongings as disposable.

5. Go Through Sentimental Items. When you go through sentimental items, you deal with possible issues you might be holding onto from your past.  Ever felt a strong obligation to hold onto items or guilt about getting rid of items? Go through all these items, clear up the issues and then move forward.

6. Decisions – How quickly you make decisions about your belongings is how quickly the clutter will accumulate.

So, address the importance of your items, make a space for it in your home, and do regular purges with quick decisions. Once an item has been marked as going, put it in a bag, and get it out of the house quickly.

7. Rest Is Key. Getting enough rest is key to your decluttering success. Why? Because you need energy to complete the tidying process until it’s done.

And if you try and push yourself, lack of sleep will affect good decision making and stamina.

8. Keep The Bedroom Clutter-Free. When you keep your bedroom clutter-free, you lessen the chance of suffering from anxiety, elevated stress, poor sleep. A clutterered bedroom also kills creativity. Just one night of poor night of sleep can also increase inflammation levels in the body!

9. Don’t Skip Decluttering Closets and Drawers. Have too many clothes and items that you need decluttering in your closets and drawers? Too many items in “hidden places” like cupboards, closets and drawers will wear on your subconscious. And inevitably lead to stress.

So how do you declutter closets and drawers? Inventory what you have and let go of clothes that don’t serve you anymore. You can also color-code closet to help with the flow & seem less cluttered.

10. Create Mindfulness. When you have an excess of items, it can be hard to not feel overwhelmed by the clutter. Instead, take inventory of what you have, decide what you want to keep and create mindfulness with what you bring home.

Struggling to let go of your extra items? Perhaps what you need is some energy healing to help you with the process. Book a call with me today to explore if a Reiki treatment is something that will help.

Got value? Please share in the comments your take-aways from this article and what tips you’re going to try.

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