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Yay! You Made It!


If you’re reading this, it means something. It means you’re looking for answers. Answers to what comes next. What comes next once the anxiety takes ahold and you feel helpless. Hopeless. Sad. Sick and broken.


Listen, the answers can be as simple or as complex as you want.


But it all ends in one place. Freedom.


Freedom from the pain. Freedom from the past. Freedom from the stuck circumstances. Freedom from the doubt.


A year ago, I was nine months pregnant. Waiting in the summer heat for the birth of my 4th child. The bills were late and money was tight. The house was not “set up” to welcome a new baby.


And all I wanted to do was fly. I was with a new home business a few months and hopeful that this time I would shine more than I had in other companies. I was hopeful that this was the vehicle that would take my family from broke to blessed.


I was hopeful that the more I pressed forward with focus and determination that I WOULD finally get recognition, realization and compensation. I had begun to see myself excel and the feeling of anticipation and excitement was building. I had a goal to rank advance the month the baby was due.


But something happened that threw me off.


I was on my way and had begun to bring people on the journey with me in this new business but when the baby was born and I was in full baby moon bliss, the business was put aside. The daily activity was put aside and the more I listened for inner inspiration to get back in the saddle with my business, the more I stumbled, staggered and fell.


There was nothing I could do.


There was nothing my husband could do.


The more I pressed down on the pressure deep inside me to get ahead with the business, the more I resented missing time with my newborn. And the month that my baby was born, I missed my goal.


You see, postpartum depression doesn’t discriminate. It isnt’ picky. It’s heavy and dense and weighs you down from the inside out.


And it was crushing me.


After the baby was born, life didn’t stop throwing me under the bus.


I would push myself to get caught up on the housework, get caught up on the daily activity for my business and the more I pressed the more I messed things up.


It wasn’t until January 2018, that I was done. I was done repeating the old cycle. Of being stuck and stressed and living my life the way anxiety and depression wanted me to.


But you see, the anxiety was only a little piece of a bigger picture.


I realized I was repeating old habits, old paradigms and they were never going to go away on their own.


So I started down the journey of transformation. And I dove into journaling, EFT and Reiki.


This is literally the recipe that changed my life.


It allowed the hidden agenda and the painful vows I was obedient to, to finally release their hold on me. It let me become the real me. It let me speak as me, not the shy, intimidated, and hesitant me who had been living this life for 30 years.


And as I peeled the layers of pain away and processed them, I realized that I had a purpose. That I was not here in this world to just survive.


But to inspire people with my message. To help them be free of their unending stress and strain that life had tied around them.


This was the gift of light I needed to share with others.


And I can pass this gift on to you. You deserve to shine at your brightest in this world. You deserve to enjoy the abundance and freedom that is rightfully yours.


If you’re ready to step into your powerful self, join me in my Free Community on Facebook or Book a Free Call with me. You don’t have to answer to anxiety anymore. Let me help you find your freedom.