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If you’re a parent and you’re reading this, you know there’s nothing worse than feeling a failure when your family is depending on you. 


Mentally, you want everything for them.  But if you’re not your best self, it is nearly impossible for you to give them what they need.


I felt crushed and fallen as a new mom after my 4th baby was born. It got bad quickly and ultimately postpartum depression set in.


And then anxiety about money and my family’s well-being were my world.


My emotions were fragile as I was feeling that I failed as a mom and business owner.


But Reiki was a key healing modality that helped me gain traction and control over my life again.  It created channels to move negative energy out.  I didn’t have to suffer in silence any more.


If you are suffering in silence, please know that you don’t have to.  Reiki is something that can help you get your life back.


Because once the negative energy blocks are gone, you find your voice again.  You find your inner peace again.  You find your freedom again.


So, let’s chat and see if what I have to offer can help you.  Join my Free Facebook Group or message below.



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