Direct Sales Tips: How To Be A Better Leader

Are you a new direct sales leader? Or maybe you have a big team and you are a seasoned leader?  These tips might help you be a better leader to your direct sales team.

Tip 1 Build An Online Community.  When you’re a leader, you are bringing people together and helping them reach their goals and live their dreams.  Whether your team is small or large, you can quickly bring people together in a Facebook group for you and your team members. They get to interact with you and other member on the team,share the excitement of what’s working in building their business, ask questions and as a result of the team succeeding together even grow lifelong friendships!

Tip 2 Recognition.  As a leader, you get to celebrate and recognize your team for their hard work and achievements!  One of the reasons I joined under the sponsor that I did with my last network marketing company, was because of the kind of leader she was… one who recognized team members who worked hard, hit goals, built the business.  At the time I joined that company, I was in a job I hated (not to mention that they piled more and more on my plate work the harder I worked.) You better believe when I found a leader who showed me why her team was amazing, that she was a leader who led by example, and was excited for her team’s performance that I couldn’t sign up with her fast enough! Your team members are excited for recognition from you too.  So be enthusiastic and supportive and celebrate them!

Tip 3 Give them what they want: Training.  Your team will follow your example and what better way to set them up for a strong start than to give them training.  When they have the tools to be successful right after they join the company, they will most likely see results faster.  Put yourself in your new team member’s shoes, wouldn’t you feel discouraged and want to quit if you didn’t see results right away? Many companies have new consultant training, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.  What I’m referring to is systems that work for you (like how to generate leads, tips for organizing the paperwork of the business, follow up, etc) that you can teach them to use in their business from day one.  They will appreciate a leader that invests in them and work hard.


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