How would you feel if the network marketing organization suddenly fell apart, your top builders left your team for another company or negativity trickled through the team community?    Today’s post will share exactly what you can do to better lead your MLM team.

Leadership Tips: How To Handle Drama In Your MLM Team

When network marketers step into leadership, many see a whole new set of challenges open up.  This is why you need daily personal development and mindset training.

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Some examples of MLM drama…

1. Team mates leave the team unexpectedly.

This is a biggie.  It’s tough being left behind especially when you’ve made great friendships with your team.

2. Team mates create negativity with other members in the team community.

Negativity can trickle through a team and break it apart.  My suggestion is you eliminate any negativity before it even penetrates your team by better qualifying your prospects before they sign up.

3.  A team mate does something that goes against the ethics of the team or breaks a company policy.

Unfortunately, you don’t know everyone’s history when they click the join button.  But if you are able to qualify them through an offline conversation or have gone through your sales funnel, it will help you do a better job qualifying your prospects.

With each of these examples, your posture as the leader will set the tone for how you and the team handle issues that may arise.

How Do YOU React?

Your reaction to the drama and disruption is key.  Remember that your team is watching you for guidance and leadership especially when emotions are running high.

The way you handle yourself in stressful situations within your team could very well also affect your reputation in the industry.

You also never know how that individual moment could affect your business long-term or who you work with down the road.

What if your friend joins the team and later decides to leave the business?   Many network marketers struggle with this because they don’t know how to separate business partnerships with friendship and after a business split the friendship gets weird.   As a postured leader,  show your friend you support them no matter what business decisions they choose.

Become A Better Network Marketing Leader

1. Better qualification when recruiting.

Qualification is key when selecting new team members!  I see many new network marketers happy to sign up anybody. (I know because I was like that when I first started out.)

Instead of signing up everyone, learn how to ask the really good questions and be more selective:

  • Are they coach-able?
  • Are they highly influenced by the opinions of others?
  • Do they give up easily?
  • Will they make constant excuses?
  • Are they going to blame others for their failed success?

Finding top people is a skill that you want to keep improving on.  If your team has people constantly quitting, there’s a pretty good chance you did not qualify them well.

2. Always Be Recruiting.

Your business activity will determine the speed of growth in your team.  Always be building your business and adding more people in.

Attrition is normal and people are going to quit.   Life happens and business may disappear for a while which will ultimately affect the long-term growth of your business.  But when you are consistently recruiting, your team is always growing AND you are better prepared when a team member drops.

3. Don’t become emotionally attached to the outcome.

It sounds easy enough but this is a skill that you will always be improving.   Good mindset and leadership skills will help you tremendously here.

Remember you are leading a team of volunteers.   You never know what is going to change for someone that could impact their business.

And as a leader, give them support and let them know you will be there for them no matter what.  If they choose to leave the business, be okay about it.  Perhaps one day you will work together again so it would be good to part on peaceful terms.



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