OK, so this has got to be one of the easiest ways to follow up with your direct sales contacts… AND… I promise you won’t come across as being pushy.

I got this email script from my Thirty-One Executive Director Laura Aridgides who got it from another Thirty-One Executive Director Lizzy Fontaine and I just had to share because it’s brilliant.

If you have an e-newsletter, you might not have a good follow up system for staying in touch with them.  Well now you do… send this thoughtful script to your contacts.  It’s a non-pushy, non-threatening way to make sure they know you care about them and that you’re the personal shopper available anytime should they ever need something.

Want to try it?  Here’s the script…

Hi Tatyana!
I just wanted to send you a quick courtesy email to ensure that you have been receiving my monthly emails and to see if there was anything I could help you with. There are so many new and exciting things happening with Thirty-One and I’d love the opportunity to share all the newness with you. Please be sure to let me know if there is ever anything I can help you with. It will be my pleasure to serve you.
Have a great day!

I’ve been focusing on consistent relationship building with my contacts so when I get my warm lead report (free for the first 3 months when you become a Thirty-One consultant and then it’s a $3/month subscription) I check to see which people who opened it and then I email 3 of them from the report each day.   9 out of 10 people I email this to gets me a reply.  Isn’t that awesome?  I use the same script for each email and it totally works.

Just an FYI, Lizzy Fontaine is truly A-MAZ-ing.  “Like” her Facebook page here and you’ll see why.  🙂

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Sarah Krug, Independent Senior Consultant with Thirty-One Gifts

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