Want to know how to create an Instagram post centered around value-based content that your target audience is hungry for?  If you’re in network marketing, you can put one together really quick and easy using a simple, free online tool.

How to Easily Create a Value-Based Instagram Post

Many network marketers are sharing pictures of their products, lifestyle images and posting their company’s name and logo all over Instagram. I don’t recommend that you market your business this way because all you’re doing is branding yourself to the company.  Instead, what I recommend you do is brand YOU.  And the way you do this is by providing free valuable content to attract your prospects to you.

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So why Instagram?  Well, Instagram is not just a gallery of pretty pictures.  If you’re building a home-based business, Instagram is a powerful social media platform that you can use to strategically market to your niche that will attract, engage and build strong relationships with them.

You can share posts centered around product benefits, product use tips, and answer questions around your business opportunity – but that’s not all, that’s actually just the tip of the iceberg!  When you think of the problems that keeps your target market up at night, and solve those problems by using beautiful images in a setting like you have on Instagram, you will see results.

Creating an Instagram Post is Easy

To see how easy it is to create value-based content that using Canva.com that you can post on Instagram, watch this quick video.





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