Whether you are a new network marketer or a seasoned one, the age old question that has everyone in this industry scratch their head at some point is how do I find people who want to join me in my business? There is actually a really simple answer to this question that I hope you start to implement in your business today.  Keep reading…

How To Find People Who Want To Join You In Your Company

I hear this question a lot and I think it’s because network marketers over-complicate this question.  Not to mention it can be really confusing especially if your company teaches  that everyone is a perfect prospect.  But that is not usually the case.

There are many different things you can do to generate leads… from buying lists, cold calling business cards from the car wash, leave drop cards at local businesses, do paid advertising, run a CraigsList ad or talk to your warm market.  However, in my opinion the smartest use of my time and what will impact my business in the long run is to know who I want to work with and attract them.

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How To Attract Your Perfect Prospect

So what do I mean by attract them?  Well, think of your perfect prospect.  Who would you say is your perfect business partner?  Really take the time to think this out and write it down. Then you need to become that person.  If you want good leaders who are positive, uplifting, motivated, hungry for learning, coachable, a good listener, and good at solving problems then it starts with you showing up in your business with these qualities.

Well, you might say, “Sarah, what if I’m broke?  My life is in shambles?  I don’t know how to find new people to talk to?  I’m worried and overwhelmed?”  First off all, stop that destructive language and focus on gratitude for what you already know, start figuring things out that you don’t know, and understand that there are people who are worse off than you are that have risen out of the ashes and become successful.  Spend time every day focusing on the good by working on your mindset and practicing the traits of being a person you want to work with.

I can assure you that when you shift how you perceive your situation, focus on who you want to work with and become that person in your business, great people who want to join you will come your way.

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PS: This is the Attraction Marketing System that I Learned From – Click Here For Instant Access




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