If you’re in network marketing, then you already know that your business will not grow unless you talk to people.  And the more people you talk to, the bigger your organization will become and the more money you can make.  If you are not signing people up into your organization, then perhaps you are struggling to accept the answer that people give you and how you handle rejection.

How To Handle Rejection When You Are New To MLM

When I first started out in network marketing, I struggled a lot.  I did not like hearing how to handle rejection when you are new to mlmthe word “No”. Ever.  Every time I heard it I cringed.  Before you say anything negative about network marketing, realize that this says a lot about me and where I was coming from.  I am the one that literally took a “No” as a personal rejection.  Now I can also tell you that I am a huge people pleaser and so whenever someone rejected what I had to offer, I couldn’t help but feel hurt and attacked.  It was part of my personality.  And needless to say this is why my business did not grow and it is why I struggled for years!

Eventually I realized that when people told me “No” it was not a reflection of me.  I learned how to have posture around rejection and the way I did that is I worked on myself and invested in personal development.

Invest In Yourself

I worked on mindset and my personal development every single day for 9 months straight.  I invested in courses, education, attended webinars and found mentors to improve my prospecting and recruiting skills.  I got around people who were smarter than me and doing what I wanted to achieve so that I could boost my own skills.  I took a copious amount of notes for months during every training and implemented what I learned.  I listened to podcasts by top performers to hear what they were doing to succeed.

After all those months, I had a breakthrough.  It was when a new course came out called Total Recruiting Mastery that helped me really see the gift I had with network marketing and who it could help and why I needed to share it.   And really… what better way to face your fear of hearing the word “No” than by facing it head on!

The phrase “get over yourself, think about the other person and not be married to the outcome” was a pivotal moment for me too.  Something clicked when I heard that.  Being in the right mindset, I openly embraced this approach to prospecting and rejection.  All I had to do was simply offer what I had and let the person answer with what was best for them.

If you have a hard time hearing rejection and you are not signing people into your organization, then watch this quick video below where I share why you need to shift your thinking, push past the fear of rejection and I guarantee amazing things will happen in your business.

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