If you’re building your business on Facebook, prospecting is one of the key ways to build your business fast.  Every day you will read posts from people who are sharing stories about what’s going on in their lives which makes it super simple to learn about them and decide if you want to get to know them and perhaps work with them.

MLM Cold Market Prospecting: 3 Tips On How To Build Your Business On Facebook


There are 3 tips that I recommend when talking to cold market prospects on Facebook:

TIP 1.  Use Facebook groups

There are thousands of Facebook groups for all sorts of topics.  Figure out who you want to talk to (aka your target market) ;and then get a conversation going.  Build that relationship with them and see if what you have to offer may be a good fit.

TIP 2.  Facebook Fan Pages

Follow a public figure that might have a large audience of people also interested in what you have to offer.  For instance if you love personal development, you might want to visit Tony Robbin’s fan page to meet other people who also enjoy personal development.  Again, be engaging on the posts and start the conversation.  Remember you’re there to build relationships first, talk business second.

TIP 3.  Follow Other People

Use the thread under an engaging post to see who’s commenting.  If someone says something you enjoy or found interesting, you might want to hit the Follow button on their profile.  Now you’ll start to see their posts in your newsfeed and they will get a notification that you’ve followed them and most likely will send you a friend rquest.  This is one of the ways I get friend requests daily!

Here is an additional resource about how to use social media for your business:

Why You Need To Brand YOU On Social Media

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