MLM Success: The Dark Side of Being An Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is defined as an individual who sees a need in the market place and fills that need at a profit.  When you go a little deeper, you see that there are a lot of other factors to being an entrepreneur that I like to call the dark side of being an entrepreneur.

  1. Your family and friends will be critical of your choices.

If I can offer any suggestions, you should put the blinders on and follow your dreams anyway. No. Matter. What. You will not please everyone, not everyone will like your choices and there will be people who try and protect you by talking you out of taking risk. Go for it anyway.

I want to share with you a story that happened to me: My senior year of high school, I told my parents I wanted to pursue a degree in music after high school graduation. I told them I wanted to follow my passion, to perform for a living. They tried to talk me into getting a degree that would lead to traditional employment. But I had big dreams to travel, play with a band, perform around the world and soak in life’s experiences. Once I was done sharing my dreams with my parents, I remember my mother asking if I would consider getting a degree in music education, “just in case” my music composition didn’t work out… something I could “fall back on” if performing didn’t work out. It was a crushing blow for me because that wasn’t my plan or my dream. It took a few years for me to get my degree in music composition but I did it. And I found a job in a band. I did get to travel and play in other countries. And I think fondly back to the conversation with my parents which stung at the time but I turned out proving to myself that I could do it. Years later, now in network marketing where I am challenged to think outside the box and am still questioned by my family, that conversation with my parents was the best lesson because it prepared me to stay true to my dreams.

  1. You need major guts to take major risks.

When you pursue your dreams and passion and go the opposite direction of everyone else, know that it’s going to require a crap-load of courage. There will be times that your self-doubt will feel like it’s eating you alive. Your family will say things that will push your buttons and make you feel like you have defend your choices. There are going to be days that you will wake up and not feel motivated to do the things you need to do. It will make you miserable. But you need to find the courage to push past it and do it anyway.

  1. You will have a transformation.

When you are pursuing your dreams, there is a ton of personal growth involved. You will immerse yourself in learning new skills, reading, studying, retraining your brain, meeting new people who share a similar mindset. All of these things will impact what kind of person you will become. There is a dark side to this as well. Your relationships will be tested. When you experience growth but your family members have not, it can be a hard transition to living day to day life with them. Be honest with yourself and leave the lines of communication open. Your relationship with your family will be better if everyone can say what they are feeling.

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  1. There are going to be sacrifices.

To improve in yourself and your business, you will probably be spending a lot of time honing your skills, reading, studying, and yes, it is going to take time away from your family and those things you love doing. If you’re a stay at home parent, there will be times that your house responsibilities will be neglected. When you are with your family, there will be days you feel distracted by business. And your mind will be on wanting to spend time with your family when you’re at the office. There are days when it sucks. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. But if you and your family are willing to make these sacrifices now so that you can provide a better life for them later, it is worth it!

Here’s another story: In 2013, I had just left working 2 part time jobs to be a stay at home mom to my 2 year old daughter and wait out the 2 weeks for my due date with my oldest son. My husband was working 2 part time jobs as well. Life was a struggle. We had also just moved a few months prior and were carrying the expenses of 2 properties. Work was all we did because we didn’t want to get behind in our bills or ruin our credit. This was when I joined a direct sales company… my thought was that right after we moved I would make some extra money to help with our family finances. I was about 9 months in with this company when I had run out of leads and wanted to learn about attraction marketing and personal branding. What better timing to start learning a new skill, right? For those two weeks before the baby was born, I immersed myself in my business, my education and coaching. But the hard reality is I also neglected to get things prepared for the baby. I know that I should have been setting up the nursery, getting the baby supplies in order and resting up for delivery but instead, I spent almost 20 hours a day for 2 those weeks preparing to work my business online for when I had a newborn and couldn’t get out and network. And when my son was born, reality hit. I didn’t have anything ready for him, he was in a pack and play crib for the first week until we could get him a proper crib. I found some of my daughter’s 6-month sized clothes in storage and so my son’s first real outfit was a pair of pink pants and a shirt with flowers.

  1. You probably won’t make money right away.

Know this… Some people do make money right away. But here’s why.. Those people may come into business with an extensive skill set already from past experiences, a huge network of connections and their back is against a wall that they put on their running shoes right out of the gate and hustle and make a profit quickly. But that’s not everyone. Building a business takes time. I struggled for years putting most of my profits back into the business before I could pay myself. The harsh reality is when you’re starting out you might rely on someone else to pay your expenses. And be prepared for your partner or spouse to want profits right away. If you can’t handle that kind of pressure, maybe this is not for you. It’s not for everyone. But if you have vision and hunger and can figure stuff out, you will succeed.  Go out there and get started!

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