Ever feel like you’ve hit a plataeu in your network marketing business?  Or run into a massive wall that you just can’t get through?  You know that you’re doing everything right but for some reason you’re not seeing results or moving forward.  I just went through a really low period in my business where I felt like I had hit a massive brick wall and couldn’t figure out what to do next.  Then I got some stellar advice!  If you’re feeling that way too, this post will help you!

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So just to clarify, no, I didn’t literally hit a brick wall (in case you were worried about my safety).  But I did hit one in my business.  And yeah.. it was not pretty!

Getting Out of My Own Way

So here’s what’s been going on with me. For about a month I have felt like I’ve been running hard against a brick wall every single day, trying to go through it.

I’m thankful to have never actually run into a real wall, but I know that if you ever do here’s what happens… the more you struggle to hit it and go over it, the more you stay in one place and get beat up.  And every day for the last month has been the painstakingly the same. Little to no progress followed by DEEP, DEEP FRUSTRATION!

Yesterday I was at my lowest. I was ready to quit this internet marketing thing and move on. I was ready to give up.

So a friend in business gave me some sound advice that opened my eyes up and got me taking action in the right direction again!

I tell you what she said in this video!



So did that video help you? That simple message sure as heck helped me!  And today…I’m good! I’m actually really good and it’s back to business as usual! And I’m taking action and moving forward!

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