MLM Tips:  How To Follow Up Like A Top Earner

Over the years I’ve heard many different trainers and network marketing professionals talk about how they follow up.   In today’s post, I share a few of the tips I’ve picked up along the way.

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You Must Have a Follow Up System in Place

What is your system for following up in your business?  I’ve tried several methods for tracking including pen and paper, an Excel spreadsheet, a bullet journal, and Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).  I’ve used several methods including Facebook Messenger, email, text and phone calls.  It can be overwhelming thinking about all the different ways to stay in touch with everyone!

Learn more about some of the online tools I use for follow up. 

The trouble is if you let people fall through the cracks, you are also letting money fall through the cracks too.

But I have hope for you.  The following tips are from my notes that I took on a training call with a top earner in my company and my hope is you apply them in your business so you can be better at follow up and ultimately make more money so you can impact more people.

How Much Time Does It Take To Reach Out And Say Hi?

The biggest struggle I hear from other network marketers is that they don’t have a lot of time in their busy schedules for complicated methods.  dcd And that they want a system that is simple to use.

If you’re like most people, you look for ways to keep your follow up simplified but more often than not the system is not easy to implement, it takes time to customize and tweak and the reality is you’re letting people fall through the cracks.

Here are my tips for follow up in your business

Follow Up Friday -Here’s why this is brilliant

We all have busy lives.  So the best use of your time is to spend focused time every week doing just follow up.  You can break it down to a smaller chunk of time like 15 minutes daily or do it all on one day a week like a Follow Up Friday Power Hour.  Do what works for you in your schedule.

Customer Follow Up

Your best approach to customer follow up is to over-deliver with customer service.  Be sure to ask how they are doing with the products, do they need refills, help setting up their autoshipment and if so walk them through the process or help them reorder.  By taking the time to really serve them, you will create a better relationship with them and more likely to generate referrals.

Prospect Follow Up

This is an opportunity for you to send your prospects a Facebook message telling them you’re thinking of them or share an encouraging post on their Facebook wall about how excited you are for them to get started.  A little sincerity goes a long way when you’re building relationships with potential team mates.

Team Follow Up

Use this opportunity to touch base with your team.  Ask them about their goals.  Schedule 3 way calls to introduce them to your upline or have them bring their prospects on a 3 way call with you.  Connect with them regularly.  The more consistent you are the better you will be as a leader and ultimately help them achieve success.

In the video below, I share some of the methods I use to keep track of my customers, leads and team.  If follow up is an area that you struggle with your someone on your team struggles with, feel free to share.  Hope this helps!

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