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MLM Tips: What To Say When They Ask What Are Your Results?

I’m sure today’s topic has maybe come past you once or twice since you started your business.  How you answer them when they ask what are your results can either give you the boost to keep going or could totally crush you.

So if you’re new, you probably don’t have any results yet.  And when you’re talking to prospects, a lot of people feel that if you don’t have results then what you’re doing isn’t going to work.  (There will be a post about what to say to those who are critical about you joining coming soon.)

Well, the first thing I tell my team is that you don’t want to lie.  You need to make sure you watch your integrity and tell the truth.   However, how you deliver the answer to this question is done with posture and confidence.

“I just started and I don’t have any results yet.  But I’m working with 6- and 7-figure earners who are having major results and they are teaching me how to do it, step by step.”

So why is this powerful to teach your team?  This is a common question that will often come up for a new consultant.  When you teach them to share honestly that you don’t have any results yet but you’re learning how to do it step by step, what this does is it validates a third party.  It also helps your new person build belief and it shows the person asking that this is a real valid business.

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