How often do you think about quitting your home business?  I see too many network marketers who yearn for success but aren’t realistic about the time it will take to actually get there and so when they don’t see success in the first week, they are about ready to jump ship!  If more people committed to their business over a 3-5 year period, there would most likely be more successful people in the industry!  If you’re considering quitting your business because you feel like a failure in your network marketing business, stick around, today’s post will help you.

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Network Marketing Success:  Quit vs. Fail

It’s Monday and it’s a new week!  New month!  However, this is also the same day of the week that I hear too many people say they are going to start something new but as we can probably guess, by Wednesday they have started to lose momentum and by Friday, that new project or activity or marketing strategy is a distant memory.

Or it’s the other way.  On Monday they want to quit smoking or stop eating too many carbs or start a diet.  But by Wednesday, they are back to smoking a half-pack of cigarettes and raiding the fridge.  And Friday, they’re saying let’s get through the weekend and I can start again on Monday.  Does that sound familiar?

Well, this mentality is also especially true of small business owners in network marketing.   It’s possible they come from a background of a traditional job, or they haven’t been in a rigid daily routine since high school 20 years ago. To work for themselves seems like the dream job but once they realize that everything about running the business is on them, the second things get difficult they decide to quit. Or they give something new a shot with limited or no results and they say that they’re a failure.

What I’m going to tell you might sound a little “cray cray” but it has worked in my business so more than likely it will work in yours too if you adopt it.  You need to fail to succeed.

Want to know why you need failure to have success?  Read this blog post here.

First, you need to understand the difference between quitting vs. failure.  To quit means you give up by stopping all activity towards achieving a desired result.  To fail is to try again in order to receive a different result.  Do you see the difference?

In business, you will probably encounter days when you fail at something… generating leads, creating super juicy content, getting the right lighting for a video.  I’ve been there too.  And I’ve learned that trial and error is natural.  Just because I didn’t get a desired result the first time around, doesn’t mean I’m going to quit all together.  Instead, I’m on a mission to make it happen.  So I end up tweaking what I did to do it differently so I can get a different result. My desired result.

Here’s a quick story about how I’ve embraced failure. I’ve been making videos for a while now and each time I get ready to record I usually have something wonky going on with the lighting, it just doesn’t seem right.  So I end up tweaking the angle of the screen, or which way I face the lighting, or the direction I’m facing in my chair.  I have to.  Because I want a specific desired a result… a good video where you can see my face instead of a big shadow covering my eyes.  I consider each failure to get the lighting right as a good thing because eventually I do find just the right angle, with just the right light and my videos come out just the way I want them to.

Remember Thomas Edison?  He inspired us to think big!  When he was inventing the light bulb, he didn’t get it on the first try.  Or the second try or the third.  He had to tweak it over and over again until he achieved his desired result.  If he had given up after his first taste of defeat, think of where we might be.  Still using gas lamps and candles.  But instead, he found 10,000 ways that didn’t work and today we have the light bulb go on when you turn on the light switch.


Be hungry for success. I guarantee that if you do, you will feel that quitting is not an option and you will seek failure in everything on your path to the top!

Watch today’s video to hear more about the difference of quitting vs failure.

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