This week I’ve been slowly going through Ray Higdon’s new Total Recruiting Mastery course.  I’m floored by how much value is in it. Just… WOW!  Recruiting has been a weakness of mine… In fact, I’ve been consuming courses on the topic for almost 2 years and this the first one that really walks you through every point of the closing process.  It’s so amazing that I’m going to do a blog post review of the course, so watch for that.  But if you can’t wait for my review, be sure to grab your copy of Ray’s course to get you started being a master recruiter.  Click Here To Get Your Copy of Total Recruiting Mastery

Network Marketing Tips_Network Marketing Tips:  Why You Need To Brand YOU On Social Media

Today’s post is short and sweet.  It’s all about building a presence on social media and why you need to know about personal branding when you’re building a business online.

It took me some time to realize what personal branding actually meant.  And that’s why I struggled to build my business when I first got started.  In that first company I belonged to, I wanted to share all about my products and opportunity all over social media all the time.  What I realize now is that all that did was visually puke on people.  (oh yeah, it really was that bad).

There is a smarter way to stand out from the rest of the distributors in your company who are also on social media and that is to brand you.  You need to treat social media as an extension of who you are, be the person you want to attract and share what you believe in – it’s the way you show up in life and in your business.

Still not sure what I’m talking about?  Watch the quick video below where I share some tips on what you can do to start branding yourself online so that you can also be a Rockstar in your business!


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