I have a new favorite website for buying all my office supplies….Amazon.com!!!

I’m sure many of you have used Amazon.com to shop for all sorts of things but have you tried them for your office supplies?  I recently ran out of address labels and since I use a lot of them in my Thirty-One business, I found I was heading back to Staples or Dollar General about every 3 months or so to get more.  I live in 12 miles away from Staples so when you add up the cost of gas, the time to get to the store and then the time to actually do the shopping (while bringing small children with me everything always takes longer!) I was spending a fortune on these labels.

I got the idea to check Amazon.com when I was thinking of other ways to do my business smarter this year and thought to start buying certain things online. So when I searched my Avery labels, I almost fell out of my chair when I found a box of 750 Avery address labels (# 08160, they’re the one’s that are 1″ x 2 5/8″) for only $7.25!!  I’ve seen these for over $13.00 at Staples in  smaller quantities.

There’s more than labels on Amazon.com too!  If you search their site for all office products and zero it down to office supplies, you can easily and affordably outfit your entire home office, planners, calendars, tape, dispensers, pens and everything else that goes with your direct sales business.  I was becoming a huge fan of Dollar General for all my office supplies but there’s way more to pick from here on the Amazon.com site!  And the fact that they can ship it for free if you spend over $30 is a huge bonus!

So there ya go… here’s to getting organized in 2015 and getting a huge deal by shopping online 🙂

Sarah Krug, Independent Senior Consultant with Thirty-One Gifts










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