There are 3 AMAZING business women I want to share with you today: Senior Executive Director with Thirty-One Gifts Melissa Feitsam, Elite 3% Direct Sales Coach Meredith Dale and Professional Organizer Lisa Woodruff.  Each of these ladies has a passion for helping others in their business which is why I chose to share them with you because they are really, really, really good at it.  Any time I look for ways to improve my time management skills, I seek out the online videos and blogs from these ladies.  My motto is: when you want to do your best, learn from the best.

Here’s Why I Call Them Time Management Experts

There is a common trait all of these ladies have…they dedicate focused time on their business.  And here’s the secret to their success, they do it every single day.

Have you ever heard of the Belinda Ellsworth ‘Power Hour’?  It totally rocks because you don’t have to do everything for your business every day.  If you want to get rid of the “chicken with it’s head cut off” syndrome then CLICK HERE to see exactly how to start implementing this system in your business.  You will love, love, love it!  But right now it’s time to…

Meet My Favorite Time Management Experts:

Senior Executive Director with Thirty-One Gifts, Melissa Feitsam is a Marketing Strategist & creative genius.  You’ll see from her blog and YouTube videos that she is very successful in her business by implementing laser-focused time daily for just 15-20 minutes using a Power Hour.  Here’s her video called “31 Power Hour for Direct Sales Consultants” on how she does it with her Thirty-One business.  (Here’s another tip, she included the files on her blog if you want to use the same system.)

When you subscribe to Melissa’s channel you’ll also get notifications of when her new videos come out.  They are awesome and will get your head full of ideas that will help you have a successful business!


Direct Sales Coach, Meredith Dale has a spark for helping others how to build a successful online business.  She is full of ideas and strategies that will help the beginner to the seasoned consultant!  Here’s her video for 15 Organization Tips for Direct Sales Businesses that will help you clean the clutter and get down to work…

You will also want to check out her other YouTube “how-to’s”videos and blog for lots of great tutorials if you’re new to blogging and want to start building a successful online direct sales business.  Her classroom-approach videos are really easy to follow!


Professional Organizer, Lisa Woodruff is passionate about helping others create systems in their home.  This is especially important if you own a direct sales business.

If you lots and lots of paper in your home, you might want to consider using Lisa’s unique system called The Sunday Basket to learn how to effectively organize it all.  Lisa also has free videos on social media that I encourage you to subscribe and follow her. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel here.


Whether you’re starting out direct sales or have been in for awhile, I hope these ladies and their expertise helps you in your business.  Post your #1 take away in the comments below!

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  1. Wow Sarah!

    Thanks so much for including me in this list. I LOVE productivity and time management. I know your readers will get a TON of information they can use right away from all the videos in this post.


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