Ever feel that the people you are working to provide for are unsupportive?  Building a business where there’s resentment within the family can hurt everyone but it doesn’t have to.

Home Business Tip:  When You Have An Unsupportive Family and Spouse

If you are raising a family and building a home business, know that there will days when you are pulled in 2 different directions.   You might even feel a strong vibe from your family that they can not wait for you to be done work so they can have you back to themselves.  If you’ve ever had the children pull you away from your office to play or you’ve felt pressure from your spouse who wants to know when you’ll be done work to get the house back in order, today’s blog post will share with you ideas on how to get your family on board with your business.


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Having pressure from your family when you’re doing focused work can feel very frustrating and may possibly make you feel defeated, worn out, and burned out.  Maybe you’ve even been ready to give up on achieving your dreams because of unsupportive family pressure.  I get it.  I’ve been there too.

Your role as a spouse and parent will compete with the role of a successful home business owner and it’s a challenge.  But how would life in your home be different if you were able to get your family on board, to respect your office hours when you shut the home office door, and gave you focused time building your business?

The other day, I had the opportunity of talking with a former high school friend who is also in a home business.  She had reached out to me to see if we could collaborate and share ideas to help each other since we are both stay at home moms building a network marketing business.

One of the biggest struggles she told me she has is balance.  Actually, I hear most working women say that.  There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done.  There is joy of putting in focused time working but find it hard to switch gears and change roles while at home.  They struggle with balancing the role between a parent or business owner especially when both the family and the business need something at the same time.  This might look like trying to set an appointment to follow up with a team member through Facebook Messenger while changing a baby’s diaper or breaking up an argument between older children while you’re on the phone with a client trying to close a deal.

Have better communication with your family by setting office hours for your business.

Realize that not every day is going to be perfect but if you do your best, then you have succeeded.  In my personal experience, I let my distractions take me off task, and so I’ve implemented set office hours.  You can too.  There will be days that you might have to budge for unexpected emergencies or a babysitter cancelling, but I encourage you to decide on specific times to work your business and stick to them.  Your hair dresser, your doctor and your kid’s school all have set hours they are open and as a business owner so should you.   Your family will absolutely appreciate knowing when your hours will begin and end.  Plus having set office hours gives you permission to leave things like housework to be completed at a later time so you can be focused on the work task at hand.

Write Out A To-Do List And Then Prioritize

Maybe you’ve heard this already, but it’s such a good one that yes, I’m going to repeat myself.

  • Keep a pad of paper handy to write down ideas and projects that come to mind throughout the day. Writing them down actually helps you stay crystal clear and focused on what you’re doing at the moment and prevents you from being less productive.
  • For convenience sake, the items on the list are all in one place so you can quickly find them later at a more convenient time.
  • Let your family also add things to the list.  This way they don’t have to interrupt you to tell you their brilliant idea right when they think of it and you can give them your undivided attention when you’re done working.
  • At the end of the day, discuss as  family how everything on the list will get done.  Having the entire family effort behind you will be a real game changer for those of you who feel overwhelmed and without help.

Prepare and Plan Ahead

This will keep you out of “crisis mode” and having to react to last minute changes or doing everything all by yourself.  I’m sure this will resonate with a lot of women!  I promise you will see better communication with your family because of good planning and preparation.  But most importantly, your family will be comforted by the predictability of a routine.  Nothing is worse for kids and spouses than not knowing what the meals will be during the week or what time bedtime will start if you haven’t discussed it ahead of time with them.

Ask Your Children What They Want

Another tip I shared with my friend is to create big goals as an entire family.   It will be so much more rewarding when all of you can go on an exciting trip or make a big purchase because of the commitment and effort you all contributed to get there.  Your family are shareholders in the business too.

Let Your Children Create A Dream Board

My friend also asked me what I do to include my young children in the business building process.  So I recommended she do a Dream Board exercise with them.  Ask them questions about what’s important to them and help them put together a collage or list of things they want.

My daughter Ania created her own Dream Board

Have them craft a vision of what they want to do and see so that they can get excited about what you are working towards.  Pull out the magazines, scissors, glue and construction paper to make a collage of their vision.  Then hang it up in a common area of your home where everyone can’t help but notice it.  Your children’s enthusiasm in seeing the pictures every day will help you to stay on task and keep moving toward those big goals!

When you bring your family on the journey and include them in all that you do while you’re building the business,  it helps them become a supportive role in the process.  You will probably also see less resistance from them as you do your daily tasks that move you towards your  goals.  When they see results of your hard work and they know why you’re putting in so much time and working hard, all of you will enjoy the rewards of success even more.

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