Happy Saturday!
I am about to get ready to leave the house to do a music gig but I wanted to share this with you first!
Working for myself, I wear lots of hats and today’s the day I put on the musician hat!  So in a few hours I am heading out to play violin at a church wedding.
But before I jump off the computer, I have to share with you something pretty cool that’s happened!
Every week, My Lead System Pro celebrates the hard work & accomplishments of it’s up and coming leaders and marketers in a special featured newsletter called Success Story Saturday.  I am so humbled that they featured me and my new eBook launch and I wanted to share it with you to inspire you to just keep going (even if you’re not seeing results yet)… because you never know who is watching!


[Success Story Saturday] “My List is Growing! 4 New Leads Today!! Can I Pinch Myself?”

Have an amazing Saturday!!

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p.s.  I am really excited about what’s going on inside MyLeadSystemPro… the results I’m seeing are directly related to the training & tools that I’m using.  If you are ready to take your business to a whole new level, you can get a sneak peek here and Take The Trial





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